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the most environmentally friendly washroom dispensing system on the market

Environmentally Friendly Features

  • Recyclable aluminium cans
  • NO CFC ( Compound Chlorofluorocarbon).
  • Only 5% LPG (Liquid Petrolium Gas) propellant compared to up to 65% propellant in other aerosol cans.
  • Less energy used in creating, transporting and recycling lightweight cans compared to alternatives such as glass
  • A choice of Refills

Reduce your plastic footprint

If you really care about the environment, Visionshuffle

refill cans are made from high grade, first generation aluminium, a truly sustainable hand washing solution. Here’s why:

Aluminium can be melted down and recycled an INFINITE NUMBER OF TIMES with no loss of quality.

89% of all aluminium is


no exporting long distances to suitable recycling plants

Recycling aluminium is a SUSTAINABLE, LOW ENERGY process, achieving 95% REDUCTION IN CARBON EMISSIONS and rates as the least polluting of all materials when recycled.

1 new can = 20 recycled cans in terms of energy needed in production

Five reasons why we choose aluminium cans for Visionshuffle refills instead of single use plastic bags.


aluminium can

refill range

Using world-leading aerosol aluminium can refill technology to deliver multiple hygiene solutions in and outside the washroom. The refills come in a range of interchangeable products.

Hand Hygiene (Luxury Foam Wash)

Hand Hygiene+ (Alcohol Based Spray)

Hand Hygiene+ Mousse (Non Alcohol Wash)

Seat Cleanser+ (Alcohol Based Spray)

Whilst many other fragrant aerosol cans contain as much as 65% propellant, the Visionshuffle refill range only has 5% of LPG (Liquid Gas Propellant) with ZERO CFC (Compound Chlorofluorocarbon).


CLICK the above image for more information about the Visionshuffle range

System Features

  • Revolutionary system simplifies washroom hygiene – one single automatic dispenser with multiple innovative aerosol hygiene applications
  • Reliable operation – robust infrared sensors detect hand movement and deliver the perfect amount – and controls usage time after time
  • Delivers great value – patent pending dosing system delivers more shots per refill than bag or liquid equivalents
  • Automatic dispensing promotes best practice hygiene – touch-free operation prevents cross contamination
  • Flexible dosing – normal mist setting for light applications, Booster XL setting for hygiene critical applications
  • Great looking stylish design – that’s modern, different and part of the coordinated Hygiene Vision Europe range

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