HygieneVision-Europe Ltd is committed to providing our customers with Quality products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations. HygieneVision-Europe Ltd has a quality philosophy and strives to be ‘Right First Time’ in terms of both the products and services that we supply to our customers.

The Management team takes responsibility for the quality and environmental performance of the company. However, all employees in HygieneVision-Europe Ltd from the management team down have a responsibility to ensure that they are committed to continually improve the products and services that are provided to ensure our clients requirements and expectations are met.

We recognise that despite our best efforts we sometimes fall short of what is expected therefore we continually review all forms of customer feedback as we strive to improve.

At HygieneVision-Europe Ltd we realize that environmental issues are increasingly important. We ensure our manufacturing, operations and products do the least possible harm to the environment.

HygieneVision-Europe Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of Washroom Hygiene products. We are a company proud of our continuing development and improvement, and our ability to satisfy our client’s needs.

HygieneVision-Europe Ltd acknowledges the need to conduct its business in a manner, which is consistent with protecting both the global and local environment. It will commit the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfil the company’s commitment to improving the environment and preventing pollution in line with this Environmental Policy.  Indeed, all new products that are in development, have the environmental impact at its heart.

HygieneVision-Europe Ltd is committed to protecting the environment by ensuring that we are complying with all relevant UK and EU legislation and regulatory provisions, and to meeting appropriate national standards.

HygieneVision-Europe Ltd is committed to manufacturing and supplying products and hygiene systems which pose the least risk to the environment, both in production processes and in customers’ premises.