Free Standing Sanitiser Stations & Hand Hygiene Floor Stands

Hand Hygiene Floor Stands &
Free Standing Sanitiser Stations

Free Standing Sanitiser Station

Complete Free Standing Sanitiser Station

The Vision Shuffle Sentinel stand is a unique freestanding sanitiser station that offers a complete, fully customisable solution for any situation. The Sentinel uses a PIR sensor to detect people as they pass the sanitiser station and gives a spoken and visual reminder to sanitise or wash hands. The Sentinel comes with the Iris accessory, allowing it to isolate or direct areas of detection. The no touch VisionShuffle Dispenser can be used for multiple applications by changing the unique 100% recyclable, low cost, long life, CFC free aerosol aluminium refill. The station comes on the high quality Shuffle stand.

  • Select or isolate detection zones using the Iris accessory
  • 26 included sounds & languages. Custom sounds via micro SD card
  • Customisable, sound on/off, lights on/off & volume control
  • 200,000 activations per battery set or400,000 light or sound only
  • No touch automatic operation
  • Spray or Foam Wash or Sanitise
  • Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable aluminium refills
  • LED indicator lights for low refill or low battery power
  • Low cost, long life refills

Hand Hygiene Floor Stand

Place where needed mobile hand hygiene station


Place where needed mobile hand hygiene station

  • Manufactured from high quality food grade stainless steel
  • Area on backplate for information sticker
  • Pre drilled holes for Vision 2000+ Automatic dispensers and Vision Shuffle dispensers
  • Height: 130cm
  • Width: 29cm diameter (circular base)

Dispenser shown Vision 2000

Aluminium Stand (ST-01)


  • Dimensions: Ø300mm * Ø88.5mm * H780mm
  • White painted finish, easy installation and quick release innovative design
  • Material: Aluminium & ABS

Table Top Stand

Available in white or black

Compatible Dispensers

vision2000+ Touch Free Dispenser White/Chrome

vision2000+ Touch Free Dispenser Shiny Chrome/Black

vision Shuffle Dispenser White/Chrome

vision Shuffle Dispenser White/Chrome

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