Automatic Hygiene for Toilets & Urinals

Professional strength urinal and toilet cleaner and deodorizer for cleaner, more hygienic and well presented toilets and urinals

Market Needs

24/ 7 hygiene

No bad odours

No stains or deposits

Sustainable solutions for the future

Solves problem of uric salt crystal build up in your pipework

  • Deposits of uric salt crystals from urine – dissolved by biogiene
  • Calcium build up in pipes – dissolved by biogiene
  • Bad odours in your washroom – removed by biogiene

Biogiene Cleaner and Deodourizer

  • Biological formulation stops the source of bad odours by breaking down invisible organic matter
  • Removes stains, limescale and deposits from surfaces, pipes, drains and urinal traps
  • Automatic dispensing system for constant cleanliness and freshness
  • Highest levels of fragrance, foam and hygiene
  • Choice of 4 fragrances and 2 super strength for high traffic washrooms
  • Remove odours: use 30 day setting
  • To maintain use 45/90 day setting to save on chemical usage.
  • 600ml refill: 6000 doses
  • Dispensers also available in Chrome and Black

High performance fragrances

  • 600ml refill pouch = 6000 doses
  • Refill lasts 30, 60 or 90 days

Biogiene Versatility

  • adapts to any type of gravity or pump feed installation