Business FAQs

Business FAQs
Do we have a minimum order policy?

Hygiene Vision products are supplied to wholesale distributors and Hygiene Service companies, which means our products are normally supplied in pallet quantities, although these can be made up of mixed products.

Do we provide any installation training or technical support?

Our products have been designed to be simple and easy to install and set up. Every Hygiene Vision dispenser comes with a full set of installation instructions and we can provide training for sales and installation teams large installations. Please contact us with details of your request.

How do you become a Distributor of Hygiene Vision Products?

If you would like to become a Distributor of Hygiene Vision products, please contact us in the first instance so we can discuss your business plan and review the opportunity.

How do you know which programming setting to use for automatic hygiene and odour control?

This will depend on the type and size of the room that is being serviced, how many people use it during the course of the day and what condition the room is currently. Toilet and urinal surfaces can be kept clean, germ-free and presentable in-between routine cleaning periods by using automated hygiene systems, like the Biogienius. The build-up of deposits in piles, drains and septic tanks, which can lead to bad smelling odours, can be kept under control using regular dosing of biological cleaners and sanitizers, like Biogiene. Airborne odours can be eliminated and controlled throughout the day by using automated air care systems like VisionAir.

How green are our products?

We are committed to the fundamental principle of environmental care. We are sympathetic for greater environmental responsibility, but our products are designed to do a job and the commercial reality means that our formulations may use chemical components that do not always allow us to make environmental claims. We are currently working towards Ecolabel products but in the meantime our labelling always clearly states any potential hazards associated with our products.

What do we do?

The company initially developed a range of air freshening, wc and urinal cleaning and soap refill products designed to function in most leading systems in the market, quickly establishing a distributor base in 15 countries in mainland Europe. After six months in service the products have been well received and are performance-approved for reliability, versatility and effectiveness.

What is our environmental policy?

Responsible, quality manufacturing is our number one priority. We do not test any of our products or ingredients on human beings or animals. Our formulations are ozone friendly and do not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. The components used in our refill formulations are fully compliant with EU legislation.

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What is the difference between LCD and LED technology?

A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat electronic visual display that allows information such as automated programming settings such operating hours and days, number of days to refill or battery replacement, to be displayed. This information makes maintenance easier to manage.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a light-emitting source which is used as an indicator lamp. These are seen as flashing coloured lights on Hygiene Vision dispensers, indicating active operation or low battery life.

What is your privacy policy on information entered on your website?

Please see our Terms & Conditions page which links to Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy pages.

Where can you buy Hygiene Vision products?

If you are a washroom provider, or have responsibility for purchasing cleaning and hygiene products and systems, you can buy Hygiene Vision products and systems through our approved network of Hygiene and Janitorial suppliers or Washroom Service companies. If you would like us to put you in touch with your nearest supplier, please contact us.

If you are a wholesale Distributor or Building and Washroom Service Company, send your request to our International Sales Director Gary Fincham using our Contact Us enquiry form.

Where is your GDPR policy

Our GDPR policy can be downloaded here.

Which countries do we operate in?

Our manufacturing operation is based in China and mainland Europe. We have sales operations in 15 countries worldwide, managed from our UK Headquarters.

We're a small company with global reach

If you need any information about our products such as data sheets, where to buy them etc. then please get in touch.

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