A Soap System that is Always Available & Never Runs Out

Even if washroom users want to wash their hands, the no.1 reason they don’t is because there is no soap available

nro – Never-Run-Out Soap System

Patent pending

  • Soap ALWAYS available for hand washing – NEVER runs out
  • Never-Run-Out chamber reserves enough soap for 75-80 shots, even when the refill is empty
  • Red LED indicates when refill pouch is empty but soap is still available making maintenance easy
  • No wasted soap – designed to empty refill pouch completely so no unused soap is thrown into landfill
  • Top quality foam soap encourages healthy hand washing
  • Visual red LED warns when the refill pouch is empty while there is still soap reserved in the chamber (up to 75-80 shots)
  • Red refill light makes maintenance easy – suits service cycles
  • Requires 1 x CR2025 battery – lasts a minimum of 2 years

Smart ‘E’ Pouch

Patent pending

  • Non-refillable – protects soap integrity
  • Empties completely while soap enough for 75-80 hand washes is reserved in NRO chamber
  • 100% of soap is used – no wasted soap

nro installation

Patent pending

  • Easy to install – designed to fit any dispenser wall fixing configuration
  • Wall fixings and key included

nro Luxury Foam Wash

Patent pending

  • Quality Luxury Foam soap for better hand washing experience
  • Option for Antibacterial Foam Wash & Foam Hand Cleanser
  • High capacity 1 litre pouch
  • 2,500 shots per refill
  • Non-refillable
  • 100% of soap used

How to use the nro – Never-Run-Out Soap System