Hygiene FAQs

Hygiene FAQs
How can I get rid of the smell of urine in my washrooms?
How do I get rid of the smell of urine in washrooms when a fragrance won’t work?
How can I make my washrooms smell nice?
How can I save on washroom fragrance maintenance costs?

visionair with Maxi Plus refill
Room Fragrance & Odour Control

Why lowest cost in use? – 9000 shots per can

Standard size
aerosol refill
No. of refill
changes per year
Maxi-Plus lasts No. of refills per year
30 days 30-33 days 12 99+ days 4
45 days 45-40 days 8 150+ days 3
60 days 60-66 days 6 180+ days 2

Up to 60% saving

How can I stop my washroom soap dispensers running out?
How can I stop washroom soap dispenser wastage?
How can I reduce washroom plastic waste?
How can I reduce cross contamination risk in my washrooms?
How can I ensure I have a clean toilet seat in public toilets?
Where can I find environmentally friendly washroom products?

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