Innovations to solve old hygiene problems


Urine odours gone in 2-3 days with Automatic 24/7 probiotic blend formulation breaks down invisible organic matter on floors 100% naturally

Biogiene-Air for Surfaces

  • Probiotic blend formulation breaks down invisible organic matter on floors and surfaces 100% naturally
  • Ensures urine odours are never a problem
  • The only biological hygiene product for floors & surfaces to be dispensed automatically
  • Automatic proactive hygiene works continuously 24/7 –  no need to change existing cleaning routines
  • Safe, non-toxic bio-technology proven to be more effective than harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Fits other air-care dispensers
  • Lock-out option with Hygiene Vision Dispenser
  • Eco-friendly recyclable Aluminium refill can

Class 1 EFSA & QPS approved. This product is not a biocide.


with the Never-Run-Out (NRO) Soap System

Never-Run-Out (NRO) Soap System

  • Semi-permanent reservoir stores enough soap for 75-80 hand washes even when refill is empty – no complaints about empty dispensers
    Replacement NRO chambers available
  • Red LED indicates when refill needs changing while soap is still available – no added maintenance time, refill replacement can be done to suit washroom maintenance routine
  • Eco-friendly – no leftover soap wasted or dumped in landfill. Most soap systems waste 10-20% of product
    Non-refillable 1L E-pouch Foam Wash available gives 2,500 doses
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • Matching range of washroom hygiene products available

*patents pending


visionshuffle hand hygiene system

Automatic Multi-use Hands Free Hygiene System with Eco-friendly refill

  • Recyclable aluminium refill can – more eco-friendly than traditional plastic bag-in-box
  • First soap-in-a-alu can system – locks out competition
  • One dispenser, multiple refills for different applications
  • Sensor dispensing technology and no-touch operation prevents cross contamination
  • LED light flashes when refill is running low
    (100 x shots left) and batteries need replacing
  • Low cost in use with long refill life -Luxury Foam Wash: 1500 doses – Alcohol-based Hand Cleanser with moisturiser: 2500 doses – Alcohol-based Seat Cleanser spray: 2500 doses

*patents pending