Room Fragrance & Odour Control

Fresh new scents combine with innovative refills and dispensing technology to satisfy the number 1 washroom requirement – a clean, fresh and odour-free environment

  • More noticeable fragrance with professional long-lasting strength and quality
  • Proprietary odour neutralisers that eliminate bad odours
  • Innovative dispensing technologies deliver highly effective and cost-efficient air care.

Two dispensers


  • Ideal for adjusting fragrance levels according to room requirement
  • Always fresh – operates 24 hours a day


  • Ideal for customised operation with advanced dispensing programming options
  • Use with Maxi-Plus refills for lowest cost air care ever
  • Automatic cost control – controlled operation helps to save labour and service costs

Three refill sizes


Lowest cost in use – up to 90 days refill life

Out performs any other refill and can cut air care system costs by up to 60%

9000 sprays


Highest fragrance efficacy
Increased fragrance intensity gives better performance

3000 sprays


More concentrated – same number of sprays – same efficacy
Double the fragrance of other mini aerosols

3000 sprays

Up to 60% cost saving

Why lowest cost in use? – 9000 shots per can

Standard size
aerosol refill
No. of refill
changes per year
Maxi-Plus lasts No. of refills per year
30 days 30-33 days 12 99+ days 4
45 days 45-40 days 8 150+ days 3
60 days 60-66 days 6 180+ days 2

Large fragrance choice

visionair Aerosol Fragrances with Odour Neutraliser

  • Designer quality, professional strength fragrances
  • Long lasting fragrance formulations
  • Proprietary Sanodor neutralises bad odours completely
  • Fits most leading automatic air care dispensers

Contains proprietary odour neutraliser (Sanodor)
For specific fragrances please contact us at

Why Sanodor works

  • Propriety odor neutralizer
  • Active ingredient, Citronellyl Methylcrotonatel, a proven anti-microbal
  • Captures odor molecules and bacteria cells in the air
  • Neutralizes background odors such as smoke, food and body odors
  • Works with the fragrance to overcome environmental odors
  • Independently tested
  • US Patent no. 6540988

A small range of fragrances and dispensers
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