SPALDIS Surface Hygiene 80% Ethanol spray (box of 12)

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SPALDIS Surface Hygiene 80% Ethanol spray (box of 12)

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Quick drying surface sanitiser for surfaces and water sensitive areas. No wiping required.

Ideal for us on: keyboards, desk tops, door handles, stationary, food preparation areas, tools

Bactericidal, Viricidal, Fungicidal & Sporicidal. Meets: EN1650, EN13704, EN1276 and EN14476:2013+A2:2019

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  • Highly effective disinfectant spray contains 80% high quality ethanol
  • Excellent hygiene properties – SPALDIS Surface Hygiene is active against germs, bacteria, yeast and viruses when it comes into contact with a surface
  • Deep hygienic clean whenever a safe, sanitised environment is needed
  • Dry disinfectant – evaporates quickly after disinfecting leaving no sticky residue
  • High level of ethanol allows for fast dry evaporation
  • More effective and environmentally friendly than single use wipes
  • On average 3000 sprays per 500ml can



  • Offices – cleaning and sanitising desks, tables, door handles, door finger plates and office equipment such as telephones, keyboards and computers
  • Care homes, medical and dental facilities – cleaning and sanitising tables, door handles, bed frames, chairs and mobility equipment
  • Leisure facilities – sports equipment, solarium equipment and surfaces, changing rooms, sauna and steam rooms
  • Restaurants, pubs and bars – tables and bar tops
  • Hotels – keys/key cards and entry systems, desks, furniture and bed frames


How to use:

  • Apply thoroughly to surface at distance of 20cm. Leave to act for 2 minutes.
  • On water sensitive items and electrical equipment spray onto a disposable paper towel and wipe dry.


According to EN14476:2013+A2:2019, the Spaldis Surface Hygiene spray possess viricidal activity against the enveloped virus Vaccinia virus. This product is therefore effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN14476:2013+A2:2019 Annex A. This therefore includes all coronaviruses and SARS‐CoV‐2.

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