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  • Hand Hygiene Gel 70% Ethanol – 500ml (box of 6)

    (SKU: 202176-case-6)

    Hand Hygiene Gel 70% Alcohol prevents the spread of germs. This quick drying high quality alcohol formulation includes moisturisers which leaves your skin soft after use unlike iso-propanol sanitizers which can leave the skin dry and sensitive.

    Quick drying ethanol formulation with moisturisers

    Bactericidal, Viricidal & Fungicidal. Meets: EN1276:2019 & EN14476:2013+A2:2019, EN13727:2012+A2:2015 and EN13624:2013

    £6.00 inc. tax per item (£5.00exc.)
    £36.00 inc. tax per box (£30.00exc.)

  • Alcohol FREE Hand Hygiene+ Rub – 500ml (box of 6)

    (SKU: 202174-case-6)

    A convenient and easy to use as a standalone hand de-contaminant in situations where clean water is not available for washing

    Alcohol and odour free formulation

    Bactericidal, Viricidal & Fungicidal. Meets: EN1276:2019, EN13624:2013, EN13727:2012+A2:2015 and EN14476:2013+A2:2019, EN 1500:2013

    In a convenient 500ml dispenser

    £3.20 inc. tax per item (£2.67exc.)
    £19.22 inc. tax per box (£16.02exc.)

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